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My name is Nilo and I have been shaping eyebrows since I was 16! I have a passion for beauty and transforming your eyebrows and look into the best it could be. I have had many years of eyebrow threading experience and have seen some very bad eyebrow jobs over the years. Eyebrows frame your face and make a HUGE difference to your overall look and let me tell you there is nothing worse than an uneven or a bad eyebrow shape. I can honestly tell you that I can work with any shape of brows and make them look the best they could be for your face frame.

There are many advantages to threading, unlike waxing or tweezing it does not rip your skin and therefore does not give you droopy eyelids or skin like waxing does. Waxing pulls the skin therefore it damages it over time where as threading only pulls the hair (even the tiniest ones). It is such a precise technique and once you try it you will never go back to waxing!

Threading is not just for the brows and can be done on the whole face! If you have upper lip, chin or side burn problems then threading is for you! The results will leave your skin smooth and hair free and if you wear makeup it will go on like a dream. Come in and let me transform your brows to the best they could be and trust me when I say you will love your new defined brows! or a bad eyebrow shape.


My name is Azi and I have been in the beauty industry for many years. I started from my home town a as a full cosmetologist and did everything from threading to facials and hair cuts. If you have any concerns about your skin and would like an amazing facial that would leave your skin fresh, clean and rejuvenated please come in and see me for a full skin mapping consultation.

Here at Brow Bliss we only work with the products that we have full belief and trust in and have seen great results with. We work with only natural products from our makeup range-Young Blood, to our facial products- Dermalogica, because we believe that you carry your skin with you everywhere therefore it should always look and feel its best.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we always aim to give our clients an exceptional service. Please come in and see us at Brow Bliss and see what we can do for you


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Our Work